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Dear MCS-TOUCH Supporter,

Would you give someone a second chance if you could? Just imagine if you were hungry, homeless, or unemployed. Where would you seek help if you faced any or all of these circumstances? What if this was your day-to-day reality, and you were one of the 750,000 prisoners released annually in the United States? Where would you go to get the food, clothing, shelter, education, mentoring, and counseling you needed to stay our of prison?

Each year our organization continues to provide support services using a unique, creative, and innovative approach, which helps ex-offenders pave a path of responsibility toward re-integration. Through our programs we have seen many, many lives changed for the better.

“I’m in a better position… to deal with people, family, kids, and society as a whole.” – Keith

“This program has really made my thinking above normal to help me apply myself in society.” – Derick

“They were someone to talk to… gave me a different outlook on situations.” – Jason

I hope we can count on you. With grateful appreciation,

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Brian Woods,
Executive Director

P.S. Whatever your reason or motivation, remember this: your membership will help create independence and choice for formerly incarcerated adults looking for that “second chance.”